python is one of the easiest languages which can be learned in 2020 my name is Zeeshan Ahmad khan and being a Business Analytics student it's essential for me to learn about this language this is one of the most trending languages in the world right now.
in this post, I am writing each and every topic which is necessary to learn about the python in this blog we are going to learn python3.

python is founded in 1989 by Guido van Rossum in the Netherlands this language is the successor of the ABC language. it is a general-purpose and high-level programing language. The advantage of this language is that we can write the code in very few lines as compared to other programming languages.python is Object Oriented Programing language.

This is list for the following topics we will cover in our Python tutorials this list will be regularly updated so please keep coming to this page

  1. Arithmetic Operations in Python
  2. Using List in Python and append, Extend, Insert, pop, Remove, Clear, Copy, etc functions
  3. Tuple in python ,How to use Tuple in python


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