Apr 21, 2020

What is industry 4.0 : The Evolution of technological advancement

Industry 4.0

what is industry 4.0
What is industry 4.0 source-freepik.com

The fourth industrial evolution is termed as industry 4.0, this revolution focuses on automation, IoT (Internet of things), big data, AR (Augmented Reality), Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence, these are advanced statistical technologies.

Industry 4.0 is not just about technological advancements, it's also about the revolutionary tactics and operations used in businesses.

So guys, are you excited to learn about the amazing concept of industry 4.0 with some most popular examples.

Internet and Industry 4.0

internet connectivity
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Around 3.5 Billion people are on the internet today, which is almost half of the population of the world. Industry 4.0 uses this huge data of online users with the help of Big data concepts and used this past saved data to provide some useful insights to the company, to serve the customer in a better way.

How industry 4.0 works?

Let's assume, you are searching for the mobile device on any of the e-commerce sites. Did you ever noticed that the mobile device advertisement will appear on your social media handles, even on youtube and Instagram!

But how they know, customer interest in a particular product, well this is how industry 4.0 works.

Automation in Industries

Artificial intellgence
AI- Source Freepik.com

AI is used to understand the qualitative data and perform algorithms accordingly, Let take an example of Retail industry 4.0. The retail industry uses AI software to suggest relevant products to its customers when they entered the store.

Automation in industries allows companies to perform various tasks by themselves by using machine learning, the one uses the past data.

Industry 1.0

It is an era of water and steam turbines and engines that is used for the purpose of manufacturing. this is the era where the main focus of industries is to improve the standard of living of the people. they used to make utensils and textiles etc. this is the industry 1.0.

Industry 2.0

Industry 2.0 is a revolution of electrical machinery, with the introduction of electrical machines, the production captured the speed and manufacturing in bulk started. with complex machine layouts and performing, capabilities companies increased production in a lesser amount of money,  hence the costs of the products are also reduced which allows different people to buy the products that they aren't able to buy earlier.

Industry 3.0

Computer era is the third industrial revolution, where all the machines are connected via the internet and operated by computers, here the introduction of IT enables the companies to use more automation and reduce the human effort for manufacturing the product.

In industry 3.0 there is the introduction of the assembly line by which companies can produce a large number of products so that they can reach a larger number of people.

Industry 4.0

This is the era of smart machines and gadgets, where these smart machines can think based on past data and perform tasks depending on the situation. the machines use the augmented reality to understand the real environment and perform various algorithms in its system,  the concept of IoT and AI is the part of Industry 4.0

The technology used in industry 4.0,
  1. Big data
  2. Artificial intelligence
  3. machine learning
  4. deep learning
  5. IoT
  6. Data science
  7. Augmented reality

Future of Industry 4.0

As everything right now works on online and companies trying to improve the customer experience by providing them personalized services, due to that the industry 4.0 objective is to improve the customer experience by providing them with most relevant services and products

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