Apr 27, 2020

how to make a professional blog on blogger | How to setup Blogger

In this post, I have explained how to make a professional blog on Blogger and how to set up bloggers, well as you can see in this blog this whole customization is done on blogger (without downloading external template). let's get started.

Well, quickly explain to you, How you can create the blog on blogger for free, then we will see the exciting customization part.

How to make a professional blog on blogger

Visit blogger.com
Visit blogger.com 

Once you click on the link you will have to click on the sign-in button.
Sign in to blogger
Sign in to blogger

You have to sign in by using your Google account, then click on the create the blog.
Create a blog
Create a blog

Creating the blog

Title: You have to enter the title of your blog, make your it must be related to the content that you are going to upload for example if you are a programmer of C language then, you can write the name of the blog as C-Programming.

Address: Address of the blog is a very crucial point, this address represents your domain name in my case it is digitalzak.com

Create blogspot.com (blog)
Create blogspot.com (blog)

So don't worry if you don't have the paid domain, you can create your blog on sub-Domain which is completely free.
So if your blog is on the sub-domain then it looks like "your_domain_name.blogspot.com"

And below that name, you can see the themes, I will recommend you to scroll down themes and select the Awesome inc. Then click on create a blog button.

Blogger window
Blogger window
Your blog is created successfully, but we just did 5% of the total work. 

How to Setup a Blog on Blogger

Now we are going to learn, How to set up the blog on blogger. now the Technical work is started for setting up the blogger, make sure you follow each and every step accurately so that you can set up your blog on blogger properly.

"I have created a blog Mobile 16 to setup this blog step by step for your better understanding"

(Step1) Setting of blogger

setting Blogger
Setting Blogger

This is a very important step to make a professional blog on blogger. the first step is to write the  Description, Google can't see, each and every blog on the internet as there are approximately billion of blogs on the internet. 1

That's, why Google uses a Crawling robot to understand the blog content, but when this robot crawl(check) your blog you must provide it the data, that data is to be written in the Description.

for example,
-This blog is all about mobile technology and new technologies used in those mobile phones.
-This blog is all about programming languages and some interesting C language codes for practice.

On the left side in the setting section, you can see the option SEARCH PREFERENCES click on that and write the same description by enabling it.

(Step 2) Theme Customization for Profesional Look

Theme Customization
Theme Customization
This is the main part when it comes to customizing your blog so that it looks professional. we have to follow certain guidelines.

How to customize blogger theme
How to customize blogger theme
When you click the customization you will see the window like that, One thing my theme in which you are reading this blog is the same theme that we are going to edit.
Let's Start editing now,
  • Click on Adjust Width option, You can see the two scroll points, one is the entire blog other is right sidebar  put the entire blog at 1220px and right sidebar at 360px.
  • Now go to advance, which is below the adjust with option. here we have to do tons of adjustments.

Setting page background colour to grey
Setting page background colour to grey

Put it grey because if it's white then it irritates the eyes of the reader because of the brightness and light come from the white colour.

Then click on the blog title below links and then title color put it as Black. Header color you can choose any sharp color that catches the eyelets say yellow.

Editing Title Colour
Editing Title Colour
See, I know it Doesn't Look good yet but be with me, we are going to make something like that,

example of the blog visit digitalatiff.com
example of the blog visit digitalatiff.com
Now save your theme and go to pages, you have to create some pages so that your blog looks professional in blogger, for doing that you have to make some essential pages such as, 
  • About us
  • Contact us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer
  • Terms and Conditions
Click on NEW PAGE, Give the title that mentions above and write the relevant text and published.

you can visit - Privacy Policy Generator to understand how to write those pages.

Now let's go ahead. Once you created pages click on the Layout option, which you can see on the left sidebar. just below pages.

And click on the cross- column. Add a Gadget

Adding Pages to Cross column
Adding Pages to Cross column

Then the window appears, scroll down, and clicks on the pages symbol as shown in the image below. Also click on that plus symbol.

Adding Pages to header
Adding Pages to header
You can see the name of pages there select all of them and then click on save. now your blog has those pages on the top header of the main blog.

Now your blog will look like this,
Customized Blog
Customize blog
Now you can see our blog is coming into shape,

Now go to layout, Scroll down to right-bar-1, and click on the add a gadget, you can select anything from the list that you want to see on your blogs right sidebar.

Your Blog is ready once you Published your first post you can see how it looks.

Thanks for reading


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