Apr 23, 2020

Git vs Github: What is the difference between git and github |M

This article has the difference between git and GitHub, with examples and explanations of key differences between these two terms.

Introduction to Git and Github

What is Git and Github and their differences
What is Git and Github and their differences

If you are looking for a job in the IT industry, then Git is the essential skillset. The employer expects you to have proficient knowledge of Git and Github or at least the basic knowledge of Git.

Because Git is a very useful tool, You can use this for your own projects, that's why I would suggest you invest a little bit of time to learn the basics of Git.

What are Git and its capabilities? Why use Git?

Repository - Github
Repository - Github Source-Freepik

let's assume you are working on a document and you saved it as document-final.txt and then the next day you find out a small mistake, so you started working on that document again for corrections.

Then you make all the changes and you don't want to change the original version of the file, so you saved it as a new file, let's assume you saved it as document-final2.txt.

Then you show that file to your boss and he suggested some changes, so you saved it again after making changes lets assume you saved it as document-final3.txt

Suppose you have assigned a project and in the end, you have 15 files of the same document. then it becomes really difficult to understand the order of the files, which one you have saved first and which is at third and so on.

In this situation, Git and Github play a crucial role this is why this tool is very important. Git keeps the records of all the changes you make to a document. that document might be a text document or might be the code that you work.

Git saves the document at every change and it allows you to add notes to the record, explaining what you have done to the document. it is similar to the comments you provide in C Language.  you can visit the document at every stage of the document from beginning to end.

So, Git gives you the flexibility to go back into time,  Git takes the snapshot of the document as it evolved through time, which is very helpful if you are working on a big project, pursuing Masters or Ph.D., etc.

"Git enables more than one person to work on a particular document, so several people can work on that document at once, they will make there own changes and Git will keep the record of that too.that's why it becomes quite powerful tool"

Application of Git and Github

You are writing code and then you were saving it in Git, suddenly your code is crash(not working) you can revert back to the position in the code when it was working perfectly so that you don't have to write the code again and again.

Version Control

What is Version Control
Version Control

Before learning about the key difference between Git and Github you must know the term "Version Control", as we explained above about, how Git saves the files, that concept actually refers to Version control.

Version control is a tool that saves the changes made to the document to save it as a new version of that document.

Difference between Git and Github

Git vs Github
Git vs Github


Git Software
Git Software-Source-Freepik 

Git is a free platform, Git is developed in 2005, Git is a software which can be installed in your personal computer. once you installed the Git in your PC you can start work on it, without having the internet connection. you can use Git without any cloud hosting. 

Git is the command-line tool, it is used to manage different versions of edits. Git has a unique capability that is Branching which makes it a totally different form of Github.

By using Branching you can create independent local branches in your code and this is the fun part of Git. means, you can try different codes in your main project by using branches and run the code to see the changes, then you can easily delete these branches and make your code as it was earlier.

You can play with the code without manipulating the actual code.you can jump back to earlier branches, delete existing ones, merge and recall branches in just a single click.

that's all about Git, Now understand what is Github?


Online Github hosting
Online GitHub hosting Source-Freepik

GitHub is a Git repository hosting service.it is an online database and it allows you to keep a record of your versions(files) and to save this files on the internet, from your personal PC or Server,  it is a service for Git that means it stored the data available on the Git, so it is actually a web hosting.

Github is the graphical interface tool, whereas Git doesn't support GUI (Graphical user interface). Github expands the basic functionality of the Git by providing built-in control and task management tools. by using Github number of other users across the world can access the files from one PC to another and add their contribution to the project.

Github is the free source platform, you can create your account and the service gives you the allocated storage for your repositories. By default, repositories are public which means everyone can see your code, and if you want you can set it to private so that no one can see your code.

Github supports various programming languages and keeps the record of every change made to the code. On Github other users can edit your code this allows the number of users to work on the same project.

"Github has these 3 amazing functionalities"


When you want to make changes in the code that you have copied and want to share it with its original sequence(order) then you can send the notification to them termed as pull notification.


Suppose someone has made changes in your code and these changes are relevant for your code, and you want to keep those changes as it is, then you can just click on the merge and you implemented those changes in your code.


You want to do some changes in someone's else repository but changes are restricted to that code, you can use the fork option and modify that code in your own PC.

There is a Github desktop tool available for experienced developers to work on complex projects.


So we can conclude that Git and Github have some differentiation in terms of usability and they are widely used in digital platforms and data science, they are interconnected to each other, in some manner while Git is the offline tool and Github is the online tool we have properly understand the difference between Git and GitHub.

Thank you for reading and if you like this article then please do comment below and encourage us for writing more articles.

Thank you 😊


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