Apr 28, 2020

[how to earn during lockdown] | 5 amazing Tricks

In this blog post, I have explained how to earn during lockdown, All of us have access to the internet,4.57 billion users are on the internet, which is 59% of the total population of the world. so you have a huge customer base, now it depends on how you provide your product or service to this huge audience.

Did you notice we are spending more time online then, we have before, so it's appropriate time to think of, primary or secondary sources of income? yes it is. this is the perfect time to put our feet into the online world.

How to earn money during lockdown
How to earn money during lockdown source-freepik

Don't worry, I am Certified Google Digital Marketer, I will explain, the core concepts of how to earn online, you might
 know some of the platforms, but did you know how to convert those platforms into a money-making machine.

5 Steps: to Earn money during lockdown

How to earn online during lockdown
How to earn online during lockdown-source-freepik

Here is the list of 5 main tips that you can implement and starts earning.


Freelancing Source- Freepik
Freelancing is the platform on which, a person(client)who wants his work to be done, he will pay money to the one who can finish the work for him. its an online platform

India has the biggest freelancing workforce, to work as a freelancer you must have a skill set,  such as web designer, writer, data entry, package designing and the list is huge.

My recommendation is to find out your skill and then start working on that skill, once you attain desired skills then you are ready to go.

Once you created the account then you have to make an amazing portfolio of work, don't go for small pay projects, they will give you some bucks but can exhaust your time. 

2) Online teaching and Tutor jobs

Online Teaching jobs
Online Teaching jobs source-Freepik
This platform really has a high potential right now, in lockdown as all the educational institutes are shut down, this is the best time to show your teaching skills.

It's not about teaching for higher educations or for masters, you can simply teach what you can, because there are kids of seventh class and students from master of science, choose according to your skills.

There are several websites, that allows you to teach and earn, I will give you some of them,

Well you can see, there is no YouTube, Because this is the platform where you have to create your own channel and record all the online lectures.

"Watch time on YouTube is tremendously increases due to lockdown, this is the best platform amongst all of the above to start your online earning journey"
 Yes you guess it right! our next option for online earning is nothing but Youtube.

3) YouTube

YouTube Earning
YouTube Earning - Source- Freepik

YouTube reports say the views in the first quarter of this year are more than 300 billion, which is 13% more than the fourth quarter of 2019 and 11% more than the first quarter of 2019. with comparing it with the first quarter of 2019 almost 33 Billion more views in 2020 Q1.

So the question is, Which content you should provide to earn online? The answer is very simple, Create the channel and show people what you actually like, if you like that there is a certain community, who will like that too. so just start now.

Still Confuse, Let me give you some hint!
  1. PUBG, if you play PUBG all-day, just record your game and show people how you play and enjoy, there might be some secret places in that video game so show people them, there are millions of people who will watch your content.
  2. Recipe, this option is great for passionate food lovers and housewives, Due to lockdown people trying to cook something that they haven't made yet. all the restaurants are closed, people used to eat delicious food from those restaurants, so they are cooking their favorite food at home, they need a recipe if you are good at cooking why don't you show your styles to the world, start now opportunities are waiting for you.
  3. Makeup Tutorials, If you own salon but due to lockdown you can't open your shop, create a youtube channel and show your skills.
  4. Fitness at Home,  You can create a fitness channel to show people how to lose weight at home and some exercises that can be done without equipments.
  5. Vlog, You can create a Vlog it could be about anything, like your view on politics, you can share your knowledge, your experiences,  etc. everything that can be marketed. you can use them for vlogging.
  6. Online teaching,  you can teach to students, programming, maths, aptitude, about entrance exams.
  7. Tech, this is the popular topic that you can cover but there is a high competition in this area, so choose accordingly.
  8. The list is huge.

4) Blogging

Blogging in lockdown to earn money
Blogging in lockdown to earn money Source-Freepik.com
This is my favorite option for the post on how to earn during lockdown. You are reading this on my blog, you can see the advertisements on this blog. these ads give earnings.  as simple as that.

But, Before you are going to start your blog you must have some basic knowledge of the following things,
  • Content Writing
  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing
  • How to set up the blog
  • Which hosting is good.
To answer all of this, I will recommend you to pursue a free certification course of Google Garage Course .this is the best course for beginners to start the digital marketing journey.

You can earn a huge amount of money from blogging, the sky is the limit, so why you waiting for, Just start now.

Adsense is the platform that shows the ads on your blog, you will earn from those ads.

Blogging is a type of content writing job.

Affiliate marketing

You can do affiliate marketing to earn during this lockdown. where you have to show other products or services on your blog or website. when someone purchases that item after coming to your site then, you will get some percent of commission on that.

5) Sell masks

sell masks and earn in lockdown
sell masks and earn in lockdown Source-Freepik.com

Face mask is an essential element right now, and you can make them at home and sells them on eCommerce websites. just as a dust resisting mask, if people are not able to get the appropriate mask for the situation right now, then you can provide something that actually reduces the risk up to a certain level.

Due to the current situation, the demand for face masks is very high. 
Just see the graph and see how search volume for a face mask is tremendously increased over the past 12 months.

this results are from- Google Trends
Google trend for Face masks
Google trend for Face masks 

So these are the best 5 ways by which you can earn during lockdown. and some other methods are also there such as,

  1. Virtual Assistance - Help someone they will pay you.
  2. Translator - You will pay for translating content.
  3. Online Programming Jobs -  Lots of Projects on the net you can earn from them.
  4. Delivery Jobs - in a situation like this anyone will pay higher for Delivering goods.
  5. Stock market- Well it takes time to learn but still an option.
  6. Instagram Promotions - if you have sufficient followers people will pay for promotions.
  7. Facebook - Promotions on Facebook
  8. Graphic Designers- You can sell your designs on the internet.
Thank You for reading this long, if you want to ask anything comment section is yours. Thank You 

Apr 27, 2020

how to make a professional blog on blogger | How to setup Blogger

In this post, I have explained how to make a professional blog on Blogger and how to set up bloggers, well as you can see in this blog this whole customization is done on blogger (without downloading external template). let's get started.

Well, quickly explain to you, How you can create the blog on blogger for free, then we will see the exciting customization part.

How to make a professional blog on blogger

Visit blogger.com
Visit blogger.com 

Once you click on the link you will have to click on the sign-in button.
Sign in to blogger
Sign in to blogger

You have to sign in by using your Google account, then click on the create the blog.
Create a blog
Create a blog

Creating the blog

Title: You have to enter the title of your blog, make your it must be related to the content that you are going to upload for example if you are a programmer of C language then, you can write the name of the blog as C-Programming.

Address: Address of the blog is a very crucial point, this address represents your domain name in my case it is digitalzak.com

Create blogspot.com (blog)
Create blogspot.com (blog)

So don't worry if you don't have the paid domain, you can create your blog on sub-Domain which is completely free.
So if your blog is on the sub-domain then it looks like "your_domain_name.blogspot.com"

And below that name, you can see the themes, I will recommend you to scroll down themes and select the Awesome inc. Then click on create a blog button.

Blogger window
Blogger window
Your blog is created successfully, but we just did 5% of the total work. 

How to Setup a Blog on Blogger

Now we are going to learn, How to set up the blog on blogger. now the Technical work is started for setting up the blogger, make sure you follow each and every step accurately so that you can set up your blog on blogger properly.

"I have created a blog Mobile 16 to setup this blog step by step for your better understanding"

(Step1) Setting of blogger

setting Blogger
Setting Blogger

This is a very important step to make a professional blog on blogger. the first step is to write the  Description, Google can't see, each and every blog on the internet as there are approximately billion of blogs on the internet. 1

That's, why Google uses a Crawling robot to understand the blog content, but when this robot crawl(check) your blog you must provide it the data, that data is to be written in the Description.

for example,
-This blog is all about mobile technology and new technologies used in those mobile phones.
-This blog is all about programming languages and some interesting C language codes for practice.

On the left side in the setting section, you can see the option SEARCH PREFERENCES click on that and write the same description by enabling it.

(Step 2) Theme Customization for Profesional Look

Theme Customization
Theme Customization
This is the main part when it comes to customizing your blog so that it looks professional. we have to follow certain guidelines.

How to customize blogger theme
How to customize blogger theme
When you click the customization you will see the window like that, One thing my theme in which you are reading this blog is the same theme that we are going to edit.
Let's Start editing now,
  • Click on Adjust Width option, You can see the two scroll points, one is the entire blog other is right sidebar  put the entire blog at 1220px and right sidebar at 360px.
  • Now go to advance, which is below the adjust with option. here we have to do tons of adjustments.

Setting page background colour to grey
Setting page background colour to grey

Put it grey because if it's white then it irritates the eyes of the reader because of the brightness and light come from the white colour.

Then click on the blog title below links and then title color put it as Black. Header color you can choose any sharp color that catches the eyelets say yellow.

Editing Title Colour
Editing Title Colour
See, I know it Doesn't Look good yet but be with me, we are going to make something like that,

example of the blog visit digitalatiff.com
example of the blog visit digitalatiff.com
Now save your theme and go to pages, you have to create some pages so that your blog looks professional in blogger, for doing that you have to make some essential pages such as, 
  • About us
  • Contact us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer
  • Terms and Conditions
Click on NEW PAGE, Give the title that mentions above and write the relevant text and published.

you can visit - Privacy Policy Generator to understand how to write those pages.

Now let's go ahead. Once you created pages click on the Layout option, which you can see on the left sidebar. just below pages.

And click on the cross- column. Add a Gadget

Adding Pages to Cross column
Adding Pages to Cross column

Then the window appears, scroll down, and clicks on the pages symbol as shown in the image below. Also click on that plus symbol.

Adding Pages to header
Adding Pages to header
You can see the name of pages there select all of them and then click on save. now your blog has those pages on the top header of the main blog.

Now your blog will look like this,
Customized Blog
Customize blog
Now you can see our blog is coming into shape,

Now go to layout, Scroll down to right-bar-1, and click on the add a gadget, you can select anything from the list that you want to see on your blogs right sidebar.

Your Blog is ready once you Published your first post you can see how it looks.

Thanks for reading

Apr 23, 2020

Git vs Github: What is the difference between git and github |M

This article has the difference between git and GitHub, with examples and explanations of key differences between these two terms.

Introduction to Git and Github

What is Git and Github and their differences
What is Git and Github and their differences

If you are looking for a job in the IT industry, then Git is the essential skillset. The employer expects you to have proficient knowledge of Git and Github or at least the basic knowledge of Git.

Because Git is a very useful tool, You can use this for your own projects, that's why I would suggest you invest a little bit of time to learn the basics of Git.

What are Git and its capabilities? Why use Git?

Repository - Github
Repository - Github Source-Freepik

let's assume you are working on a document and you saved it as document-final.txt and then the next day you find out a small mistake, so you started working on that document again for corrections.

Then you make all the changes and you don't want to change the original version of the file, so you saved it as a new file, let's assume you saved it as document-final2.txt.

Then you show that file to your boss and he suggested some changes, so you saved it again after making changes lets assume you saved it as document-final3.txt

Suppose you have assigned a project and in the end, you have 15 files of the same document. then it becomes really difficult to understand the order of the files, which one you have saved first and which is at third and so on.

In this situation, Git and Github play a crucial role this is why this tool is very important. Git keeps the records of all the changes you make to a document. that document might be a text document or might be the code that you work.

Git saves the document at every change and it allows you to add notes to the record, explaining what you have done to the document. it is similar to the comments you provide in C Language.  you can visit the document at every stage of the document from beginning to end.

So, Git gives you the flexibility to go back into time,  Git takes the snapshot of the document as it evolved through time, which is very helpful if you are working on a big project, pursuing Masters or Ph.D., etc.

"Git enables more than one person to work on a particular document, so several people can work on that document at once, they will make there own changes and Git will keep the record of that too.that's why it becomes quite powerful tool"

Application of Git and Github

You are writing code and then you were saving it in Git, suddenly your code is crash(not working) you can revert back to the position in the code when it was working perfectly so that you don't have to write the code again and again.

Version Control

What is Version Control
Version Control

Before learning about the key difference between Git and Github you must know the term "Version Control", as we explained above about, how Git saves the files, that concept actually refers to Version control.

Version control is a tool that saves the changes made to the document to save it as a new version of that document.

Difference between Git and Github

Git vs Github
Git vs Github


Git Software
Git Software-Source-Freepik 

Git is a free platform, Git is developed in 2005, Git is a software which can be installed in your personal computer. once you installed the Git in your PC you can start work on it, without having the internet connection. you can use Git without any cloud hosting. 

Git is the command-line tool, it is used to manage different versions of edits. Git has a unique capability that is Branching which makes it a totally different form of Github.

By using Branching you can create independent local branches in your code and this is the fun part of Git. means, you can try different codes in your main project by using branches and run the code to see the changes, then you can easily delete these branches and make your code as it was earlier.

You can play with the code without manipulating the actual code.you can jump back to earlier branches, delete existing ones, merge and recall branches in just a single click.

that's all about Git, Now understand what is Github?


Online Github hosting
Online GitHub hosting Source-Freepik

GitHub is a Git repository hosting service.it is an online database and it allows you to keep a record of your versions(files) and to save this files on the internet, from your personal PC or Server,  it is a service for Git that means it stored the data available on the Git, so it is actually a web hosting.

Github is the graphical interface tool, whereas Git doesn't support GUI (Graphical user interface). Github expands the basic functionality of the Git by providing built-in control and task management tools. by using Github number of other users across the world can access the files from one PC to another and add their contribution to the project.

Github is the free source platform, you can create your account and the service gives you the allocated storage for your repositories. By default, repositories are public which means everyone can see your code, and if you want you can set it to private so that no one can see your code.

Github supports various programming languages and keeps the record of every change made to the code. On Github other users can edit your code this allows the number of users to work on the same project.

"Github has these 3 amazing functionalities"


When you want to make changes in the code that you have copied and want to share it with its original sequence(order) then you can send the notification to them termed as pull notification.


Suppose someone has made changes in your code and these changes are relevant for your code, and you want to keep those changes as it is, then you can just click on the merge and you implemented those changes in your code.


You want to do some changes in someone's else repository but changes are restricted to that code, you can use the fork option and modify that code in your own PC.

There is a Github desktop tool available for experienced developers to work on complex projects.


So we can conclude that Git and Github have some differentiation in terms of usability and they are widely used in digital platforms and data science, they are interconnected to each other, in some manner while Git is the offline tool and Github is the online tool we have properly understand the difference between Git and GitHub.

Thank you for reading and if you like this article then please do comment below and encourage us for writing more articles.

Thank you 😊

Apr 21, 2020

What is industry 4.0 : The Evolution of technological advancement

Industry 4.0

what is industry 4.0
What is industry 4.0 source-freepik.com

The fourth industrial evolution is termed as industry 4.0, this revolution focuses on automation, IoT (Internet of things), big data, AR (Augmented Reality), Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence, these are advanced statistical technologies.

Industry 4.0 is not just about technological advancements, it's also about the revolutionary tactics and operations used in businesses.

So guys, are you excited to learn about the amazing concept of industry 4.0 with some most popular examples.

Internet and Industry 4.0

internet connectivity
Internet Connectivity source-Freepik

Around 3.5 Billion people are on the internet today, which is almost half of the population of the world. Industry 4.0 uses this huge data of online users with the help of Big data concepts and used this past saved data to provide some useful insights to the company, to serve the customer in a better way.

How industry 4.0 works?

Let's assume, you are searching for the mobile device on any of the e-commerce sites. Did you ever noticed that the mobile device advertisement will appear on your social media handles, even on youtube and Instagram!

But how they know, customer interest in a particular product, well this is how industry 4.0 works.

Automation in Industries

Artificial intellgence
AI- Source Freepik.com

AI is used to understand the qualitative data and perform algorithms accordingly, Let take an example of Retail industry 4.0. The retail industry uses AI software to suggest relevant products to its customers when they entered the store.

Automation in industries allows companies to perform various tasks by themselves by using machine learning, the one uses the past data.

Industry 1.0

It is an era of water and steam turbines and engines that is used for the purpose of manufacturing. this is the era where the main focus of industries is to improve the standard of living of the people. they used to make utensils and textiles etc. this is the industry 1.0.

Industry 2.0

Industry 2.0 is a revolution of electrical machinery, with the introduction of electrical machines, the production captured the speed and manufacturing in bulk started. with complex machine layouts and performing, capabilities companies increased production in a lesser amount of money,  hence the costs of the products are also reduced which allows different people to buy the products that they aren't able to buy earlier.

Industry 3.0

Computer era is the third industrial revolution, where all the machines are connected via the internet and operated by computers, here the introduction of IT enables the companies to use more automation and reduce the human effort for manufacturing the product.

In industry 3.0 there is the introduction of the assembly line by which companies can produce a large number of products so that they can reach a larger number of people.

Industry 4.0

This is the era of smart machines and gadgets, where these smart machines can think based on past data and perform tasks depending on the situation. the machines use the augmented reality to understand the real environment and perform various algorithms in its system,  the concept of IoT and AI is the part of Industry 4.0

The technology used in industry 4.0,
  1. Big data
  2. Artificial intelligence
  3. machine learning
  4. deep learning
  5. IoT
  6. Data science
  7. Augmented reality

Future of Industry 4.0

As everything right now works on online and companies trying to improve the customer experience by providing them personalized services, due to that the industry 4.0 objective is to improve the customer experience by providing them with most relevant services and products

Apr 9, 2020

What is Primary Key in SQL

What is Primary Key in SQL

A column or set of the column, whose value exists and is unique for every record in the table is called a Primary Key.

Each table can have only one primary key, in one table you cannot have 3,4 primary keys.

primary key does not have NULL value i.e. blank or vacant record in the column.

Let's understand this by example,

Example of Primary Key in SQL
Example of Primary Key in SQL  
The above table shows the sales, where
  • Purchase_number shows the order number of the item. It is shown in the table from 1 to 14. you can see there is no repetition of purchase_numbers and there is no Null value in the column.
  • Purchasing_dates represents the date at which the order is placed with respective cutomer_code. You can see customer_code 3 and 4 has the same date. that means the customer 3 and 4 bought the item on the same date. hence the date is repeated, as per our primary key definition, repetitions are not allowed so it cannot be the primary key for this table.
  • Customer_code as you can see it also repeated which means the same customer bought the different items on a different date, hence it also cannot be the primary key.
  • Product_code is also repeated because customers can buy the same product on different dates.

So, From the above table, we can see that all the values in the columns are repeated except purchase_number each purchase is unique, Hence this will be the unique entity and this will be our Primary Key.

A primary key is also a Combination of Columns

A primary key can be the single column entities or a combination of more than one column for example,

Combination of Column Primary Key
Combination of Column Primary Key

"Primary key can be the combination of Purchase_number and Purchasing_date because this combination makes an unique pair in the whole table hence this also be taken as Primary Key."
Primary keys are the unique identifier of the table. Primary keys are used to join the two or more tables and due to this feature the retrieval of data becomes more efficient.

Relational Schema of Primary Key

Relational Schema for a primary key can be written in a particular order, at the top we have to write the name of the table.

The first name in the rectangular box is with the underlined column name is represents the primary key, which is purchas_number in our case.

Relational Schema Primary key
Relational Schema Primary key
"Primary key is always underlined, and remember not all tables have primary key"

 When we combine the relational Schema to the different schemas we get the database schema. and it's very important for the representation of relationships of different schemas of the database.

thank you for reading if you like this article then do post a comment, and share your thought.

Apr 2, 2020

how to rank website on google first page : 4 easy steps

how to rank website on google first page of Google with New Blog

How to rank on page one of Google with a new blog
How to rank on page one of Google with a new blog

In this blog, I will explain to you, the simplest way of getting traffic on your brand new blog and ranking on the first page of Google. With some main content writing strategies and tips.

 I am a certified Google Digital marketer, After learning a lot from Google about SEO and Content marketing. I can tell you some really short and useful tricks to improve the ranking of your posts.

When you start blogging you will face challenges such as,
  • I have written an amazing content but, there is no traffic on my post.
  • How to select a profitable Niche.
  • How to write content that generates organic traffic.
  • How to get ideas for the new blog posts.
  • How to find the high volume and low competition keyword?
  • How to reach your target audience with social media.
  • How to rank on the first page of google.
  • How to improve the ranking of lower-ranking posts.
  • SEO the biggest challenge for anyone.
"Dont worry 😉,here I will show you some really easy tactice to rank on the first page and all the challenges you are facing as new blogger will be handle quite easily"

Ranking mostly depends on search engines. The main objective of the search engine is to show the most relevant result for the search query. Basically, search engines perform three types of operations to rank the page on Google,
  • Crawling (Discovering the content such as images, video, table, infographic)
  • Indexing (Categorization of each content on your site)
  • Ranking (Giving position to the posts as per Relevance)
Table of Content
Table of Content

Rank on page 1 of Google for a new blogger (4 Easy Steps)

How google show ranking
Google ranking showing image
Are you ready to improve your ranking, Alright let's get to the very first step and let's get started,

Step 1: Find the Keywords to Rank Higher on Google

Bloggers should give the highest priority to Keywords. As a new blogger, you have to choose an appropriate keyword of high volume and low competition to generate organic traffic.
"we are going to use two free tools for keyword Research one is Google keyword planner and other is ubersuggest"

a) How to Find long-tail keywords

As a new blogger, you have to go for long-tail keywords because this is the most efficient way of generating organic traffic to your site, go for long-tail keywords. 

what are long-tail keywords?

Let's understand this by an example, Suppose you want to write an article about "Cupcakes recipe" when we look at this keyword in ubersuggest.com we get the following results.

ubersuggest screenshot
Ubersuggest screenshot

I have typed "cupcake recipe" which is a very short keyword, Let's see the results for this keyword.
Press Search,

Ubersuggest result
Ubersuggest results view

Search volume means how many people search for this keyword per month.SEO Difficulty shows the competition for that particular keyword (or it means there are several posts are available for that keyword) so ranking on page one with this keyword is really difficult. CPC cost per click shows how much you will earn when somebody clicks on the advertisement, Alright let's get further.

Search volume is very high which means people are searching for "cupcake Recipe" but just look at the other point SEO Difficulty is 40 and it is very challenging to rank on page 1 of Google with this keyword.

For a new blogger, we have to search the keyword with SEO Difficulty as low as possible, then we can easily rank on the first page of Google and to do the same, we are going to find the long-tail keywords.

long tail keyword ubersuggest
long-tail keyword Ubersuggest
Just putting chocolate in front of our keyword cupcakes recipe. you can see SEO Difficulty is reduced from 40 to 20. This means we have reduced our competition for this topic, let's try to put one more word to this keyword and see the results,

long tail keyword 2
long-tail keyword Ubersuggest search
Congratulations we find the amazing keyword "Chocolate cupcakes recipe best" just typing best to our long-tail keyword with enough search volume and very low SEO Difficult. Writing blog content with this keyword will give you amazing results.

b) How to get amazing ideas for the blog posts

Googlkeyword planner is the best free tool to find the keywords ideas. let's type our keyword "cupcakes Recipe" on Google keyword planner and find some keyword ideas with high search volume but with very low SEO difficulty.

Google keyword Planner
Google Keyword Planner

Googlkeyword planner shows the keyword ideas with almost the same search volume as Cupcakes recipe but with very low Competition (SEO Difficulty).

Vanilla cupcake recipe this keyword has the same search volume as 10k-100k as Cupcakes recipe but competition index is just 2 as compared to 11. So that you can write your blog content with this keyword and rank on page one of Google.

" Google Keyword planner is the best tool for blog post ideas, its a Google product and very precise when finding the gunine keywords"

Step 2: how to do on-page Optimization (On-page SEO)

On-page optimization of an article is the second step to rank higher on google. in this step, you will understand how to, and where to use your keyword in your article. How to use meta tags and the best layout of headings images in an article.

This step explains the syntax of writing SEO friendly article. Alright, are you excited to learn the trick of on-page SEO optimization, Let's Get Started?

There are three types of blog posts.
  1. Responsive:- (700-1300 words) -Ideal for low SEO difficulty
  2. Detailed:- (1300-2000 words) -Ideal for Moderate SEO difficulty
  3. Depth:- (2000-4500 words)- Ideal for high SEO difficulty

a) Decide your blog post type ( Responsive | Detailed | Depth )

Here we are going to understand, which type of blog post you should write, depending on your topic of an article. Make sure to use your main keyword in the first 10% of your article.

Responsive: A post that gives an answer to the question efficiently and quickly is called Responsive post.

Detailed: A post which consists of introduction, objectives, Discussion, facts and figures and conclusion is called Detailed post. The writer provides all the detailed for that particular topic with the help of facts and figures and images, tables, infographics, etc.

Depth: Depth post includes an in-depth analysis of any topic. This post usually consists of 2400 words on average.

b) How to use Headings in the blog post (H1, H2, H3)

How to use headings in blog post
Syntax of headings

  • H1: main heading
  • H2: Sub-Heading
  • H3: Minor-Heading

H1 heading must have your main keyword, This is the most important step after the keyword research. In step one we have taken an example of Cupcakes Recipe as our main Keyword. You have to use this keyword in the H1 heading of your blog post.

"H1: Chocolate cupcakes recipe Best"

For SEO on Page optimization, you must include the main keyword only once in sub-headings (H2's). and you can use your targeted keyword up to 5-8 times in blog posts. you can see how headings are arranged click on this post" 👉Case Study on Dmart"


c) Key points for on-page SEO

  • URL should contain a Focus keyword, the URL of your post must contain the focus keyword and it would be approximately 50-60 words.
  • Meta Description is a very crucial element for converting impressions to clicks, Meta description generally is the two short sentences of your post beginning excluding the title of the post.
  • The main keyword must be included in the meta description. 
  • Focus Keyword must be found in the "alt attribute".
  • alt attribute important for on page SEO
    alt attribute importance for on-page SEO
  • Linking to other external sites and resources. 
  • Do not use the same keyword in more than one article.
  • Title must contain Power word (best, amazing, interesting, etc)
  • Use short paragraphs (3-5 lines max)
  • The article should include images and videos.
  • The article should include Do-follow and no-follow links.
  • Your article must include a Conclusion.
  • Provide Internal linking of your other post after the conclusion.
  • You must include Long-tail keywords in Tags.
  • Try to post your articles at the same time, for example, post your article at 6 pm, so google crawler will understand the time to index your post, it's also an SEO boost.

Step 3: Engage your audience with content marketing strategies

Content is the king, you heard it several times, arent you? but here, I will explain, how to write engaging content so that you can rank on the first page of Google.

Let's get Started, First thing first, you have to understand for whom you are writing an article, that means your target audience. so that you can solve their problems and serves them better with your content.

The more you know about your audience and share their passions and their pains, it becomes very easy to engage them on a personal level.

a) How to engage with audiences so that they share your posts on social media

Answer your audience question, this is a very important step because, When you answer their questions you engage them with your content.

You can use social media platforms to collect the questions of your audience, even you can use google forms and circulate them on social media to understand the problems, faced by your audience.

Provide readers value, you have to make sure that you provide your customers' value. for example, suppose you have written an article on cupcakes recipe then make sure you provide them the recipe if you talked about some other pieces of bread under the heading of cupcakes then a reader will frustrate and you are not giving them value.

Always think about your readers' point of view and give them value from your content. you can write responsive blog posts (explained in step1) to give users exactly, what they are looking for.

b) Importance of using  social media for engaging with the audience  

Social media platforms allow you to directly interact with your customers, you can understand their perspective and provide the value accordingly. The ultimate goal of using social media is to understand your customers better. if someone is sharing your posts, they actually doing non-monetary marketing of your content.

That means you are not promoting yourself, your customers are promoting your content.you can learn how your readers interact online with your content.

Based on the type of content you provide to your users, you need to understand which social media platform will work for you.
  • Youtube account
  • Twitter Handle
  • Facebook Page
  • Instagram Account
  • Linkedin Company Page
  • Pinterest Handle 

You can use social media to engage with your audience, Facebook has 2 billion active users, you can create a Facebook page to attract more people.

Facebook provides the analytical option, by using these options, you can understand which is working for your site and which are not.

Answer all the questions that your readers ask you, then it creates trust and your user comes back to your site for more content.

Millions of people connect and share on social media, just imagine just a few percent of these people are sharing your content.it will create a huge impact on your business.

Step 4: how to advertise your blog posts (SEM Search engine marketing)

Paid advertising is one of the best ways to gain traffic on a new blog. You can use Google AdWords for sharing your content online. By doing SEM your ad-post will rank on the first page of Google if it has relevance with the search query.

Search Engine Marketing
Search engine Marketing
You can use Google AdWords to appear on the first page of Google. Google Adwords is the best tool for paid advertisements. you can use google keyword planner to find out the Budget required for paid advertisement, and start your campaign then you can easily rank on the first page of Google.

There are different types of ads Search advertisements and Display advertisements. but I will recommend you to go for a display advertisement because it generates more traffic.

Display advertisements appear on the websites of other peoples. and you can generate traffic on your site and you can rank on the first page of Google.

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