Mar 19, 2020

What is Marketed | What can be marketed in the Market

What is marketed?

this post explains, what can be marketed and what is marketed with examples of things that can be marketed? and What are the things that can be marketed?

What is Marketed
What is Marketed

The following things can be marketed.
  1. Goods 
  2. Services
  3. Experiences
  4. Person
  5. Place
  6. Properties
  7. Organization
  8. Information
  9. Events
  10. Idea and Innovation


Goods Marketed
Goods marketed Source - Freepik

Physical goods can be touched, seen and can be used as a physical entity. physical goods such as bikes, cars, Refrigerators, Air Coolers, Televisions, Mobile phones, Laptops, furniture, clothes, shoes, and etc.

Most often we go to the supermarket to buy milk, rice, wheat, etc this is called goods and companies trying different strategies and advertisement tactics to market these goods.


Service Marketed
Service Marketed Source - freepik

One of the things that can be marketed is services, we cannot touch and feel the services because they are intangible things. Banking used different methods of marketing and banking is one of the services. When we go to the bank, we didn't buy anything our motive is to get the service from the person who is seating at the counter.

Services include the work of airlines, hotels, barber, consultant, doctor, engineer, bankers, accountant, sweeper, helper, security services, lawyer, Driver, etc.

Service Sector contributes around 53.66% of India's GDP. top service sector companies in India are Reliance Industries, HDFC, ICICI Bank, TCS, etc.


Experiance Marketed
Experience marketed Source-Freepik

Experiences marketed by the consumers of goods and services. Companies take interviews of customers and used them for marketing purposes. for example, if someone is coming out of movie theater and he gives a good review of the movie then the director can use that experience of the person for the marketing of the movie. in that manner, the experience can be marketed.

Experience Can be marketed in Tourism Industry, Film Industry, Amusement Parks, Water Parks, Wild Safaries, Museum, Education (colleges Facilities) and Etc.


Person Marketed
Person Marketed source -Freepik

A person can be marketed by their professions, for example, a sportsperson can be marketed for his achievements. Many sportsmen and artists have done an amazing job of marketing themselves.

Celebrity marketing is trending nowadays. Virat Kohli (Indian Cricketer)  is the brand ambassador of Adidas, IQOO (Mobiles), Audi, etc brands that show how companies are using these players for marketing.


Place Marketed
place Marketed Source - Freepik

Places are marketed to attract tourists, investors, companies, schools, etc. Tourism contributes significantly to the growth of the economy. around 4.2 crore jobs in India are coming from the Tourism sector, which is almost 8% of the total employment of the country. Because of that the marketing of places is very crucial and plays an important role in the GDP of the country.

Around 10 Million people visit Switzerland per year. This drives the economy for Switzerland hence they have taken steps to market their place and attract more people to visit the country.  Also, Switzerland comes in the world's top 25 visiting countries.


Properties marketed
Properties marketed source- Freepik

Properties are intangible rights of ownership to either real estate or financial
property (stocks and bonds). They can be bought and sold and for doing this we required marketing.

Real State agents work for the property owners for selling and buying purposes. Owners give this work to agents because they can market their property appropriately. Companies and banks market securities to both institutional and individual investors.

Various advertising boards are placed for attracting the potential buyers of flats in buildings and houses for rent, which is the example of properties that can be marketed. 


Organization Marketed
Organization Marketed source Freepik

Museums, performing arts organizations, Entertainment performing organizations, corporations, and nonprofits all use marketing to boost their public images and compete for audiences and funds.

Apple, brands themselves as a secure mobile brand. with the slogan "Privacy Matters".

Organizations use celebrities for marketing and companies assign Chief Marketing officers for marketing strategy making.


information marketed
Information marketed Source Freepik

Companies bought information from different sources. Information is essentially what books, schools, and universities produce, market, and distribute at a price to parents, students, and communities. 

Market researchers asked for payment to give you insight into the markets for a better understanding of investments in stocks.

As we know that Analytics is one of the fields which is trending now because of the importance that data or Information has.


Events marketed
Events Marketed Source freepik

Marriage Ceremonies, Concerts, Standup Comedies shows, Circus, Fifa, Cricket WorldCup, etc. Marketers promote this kind of event to attract a maximum audience which eventually contributes to the growth of an organization.

Idea And Innovation

People sell Ideas such as the most innovative business that we can do in 2020, How to become successful in life etc. Ideas can be sold with proper marketing and this is also something that can be marketed. Relativity Theory is also an Idea that sells and works for Einstein to make him famous around the world.  his amazing work makes him sell his idea to the world with proper factual information that we have to accept.


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