Mar 13, 2020

format of a case study

Format of a Case Study

Writing a case study is an art, If you want to learn this art, then you have to follow the systematic approach to write a case study. 

For doing that you need an appropriate format of a case study, that you can use to write the case studies in MBA, Professional education, as an employee and student, etc.

 I will be sharing with you the actual format for writing the case study.

Format of a case study overview

  • Abstract 
  • Introduction
  • Objective 
  • Discussion(main body)
  • Advantage
  • Disadvantage
  • Application
  • Conclusion
  • Reference

 Let's understand each point one by one so that you can get an idea about each point.


The abstract is one of the key elements in the format of a case study.

In the abstract, we have to write a summary of a particular topic that covers the following points.

An abstract is the summary of the analysis and results that you have obtained from your work.

After writing this part the reader will get the idea about the case study in his head which helps you to engage with the reader.

  • Purpose of writing a case study
  • What is the topic?
  • What are the issues that have been considered?
  • Method
  • Impacts
  • Alternatives
  • Scope of improvements
  • Result


Introduction introduced the reader about the topic, Reader might not know about the technical or in-depth understanding of the topic, on which you are writing the case study.

Introduction bridge that gap by providing necessary information to the reader about your topic.

An introduction provides a broader overview of your topic. one thing is observed that many writers feel extreme pressure as they start writing an introduction.

The introduction must include the following points,
  • Overview of the topic.
  • Explanation of the topic with appropriate words.
  • An introduction will revolve around the whole topic.
  • It describes the necessity of the topic for consideration.
  • It must reflect the writers' perceptions.
  • It must include the type of methodology is been used.
  • What are the samples and their source of the collection?


Why Objectives

Objectives must be very clear and must define the purpose of writing a particular case study.

Objectives define why is it required to consider in the given case study.

Objectives used to define the following,
  • Purpose
  • Reasons
  • Necessity
  • Importance
  • Goal
  • Problems to be tackle

Discussion (Main Body)

This is the place where you will write all of your analysis and results.

Here you will write all of your observations and thesis about the case study, this is the main body of your case study where you will write all of your content in-depth with proper examples(if required).

Here you will be considered each and every point that has significant importance with respect to your topic.

Discussion must include the following points,
  • Factual data (numbers)
  • Points from reference
  • In-depth Analysis of the content
  • Table, Charts, Graphs
  • Historical inputs
  • Present Problems
  • Solution
  • Impacts of solving the problem.


Here you will write the advantages of your case study.

Value it gives to its readers.

Why it is so important to consider the topic that you have chosen for the case study.

Advantage of your case study to society.


Here you will discuss the limitation of your case study.

You must include the points which cannot be considered in your Case study.

your case study must indicate the limitation and alternatives of your topic so that the reader must have a broader view of the topic.


Your case study must-have applications and some of the points included in the application will have significant importance in the future.


At the end of the case study, your reader must be able to declare his or her conclusion about the topic.

As the writer, you have to write the conclusion based on the data that is available in discussion in the respective case study.


The reference provides the sources that you have used in your case study. 

You have to mention all the sources from where you have taken the data and then you have used in the case study this is very essential for the engagement of the reader for a better understanding of the topic.

thank you for reading and if you have any question then you can put that in the comment section.

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