Feb 25, 2020

[best tutorial]Tableau for beginners 2020 Learn in 1 day

Tableau for beginners

Tableau is the data visualization tool and this is one of the best and easy tools for data plotting in graphical format, this is also an integral part of the data science course so let's start with tableau.

First, go to tableau.com and then visit the tableau desktop page where you will find the download option click on that, this is a free tool if you are a student then you have to upload your ID and you can enjoy Tableau desktop for a year (free).

now open the tableau desktop in your personal computer and the window that you are going to see it looks like that,

As you can see from the above photo is that you can open the various files in tableau such as,
  • Microsoft excel
  • Text file
  • JSON file
  • Microsoft Access
  • Pdf

so, first of all, we are going to work on excel file,

Click on Microsoft excel and then select any datasheet that you have in XML format, then you see the window like that,

excel file loaded
excel file load

Type of file

As in Tableau when we load the file there is an option which shows connections as you can see from the above photo there are two options for connections one is live and other is the extract,

Live connections mean when there is a change in actual excel file the data set that we open also changes as there is a connection between the excel file and the data that we are uploaded in Tableau, so whenever there is the change in the excel file data is manipulated in tableau also,

Extract connection is the opposite of live connection here the data is extracted from the excel file at a moment and changes made in excel file do not affect the data set uploaded in Tableau.

In the lower section of that image, you can see the uploaded data which is extracted from the Excel file.

visualisation box
at the bottom of that page

you can see this at the left lower corner of that page what is it all about,

Data Source

Data source is all about the raw data that we are uploaded from the excel file.

Sheet 1

Sheet 1 shows the window which is responsible for the editing and visualization of data from data source

now click on sheet 1

When you click on sheet 1 then we have the most important window of Tableau

working window of data
visualization work window
from the above image, you can see, I have made number of sections and we are going to know about, each section one by one

First(Dimensions):- Suppose you have uploaded the data of heights of student in the class and each student have a unique name so this first side shows the name , character value and specific name like division A student , Division B student, something like that only character value is displayed here.

Second is the column and row side where drag and drop functions work,

anything that we put in the column section comes under the column section suppose you are going to see the population from region wise and you are putting the region in column section and population in row section then you can see the visual as regions are in column and population by vertical bars.

Third: here all the visualization is been displayed.

Fouth: here you can see the different types of visualizations available for the type of data is input in the tableau.

Fifth(measures): here all the numeric values from excel data-sheet are present, All you have to do is to drag and drop it to any side of side number 2.

thank you for reading and for any question you can put a comment in the comment section.

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