Nov 9, 2019

Michigan Leadership studies

What are the Michigan Leadership studies

Michigan leadership studies are the series of leadership studies that take place at the University of Michigan in the year of 1950s. this studies are carried out to understand the perfect method to enhance the productivity of an organization by providing an appropriate job environment for the satisfaction of workers and the best-suited style of leadership to enhance productivity.

michigan leadership studies flow chart
Michigan Leadership Studies

this studies have two broader types of leadership styles (employee and production orientation)and these studies also classified three important characteristics of effective leaders Relationship oriented participative leadership and task-oriented behavior.

1)An Employee Orientation 

In this type of leadership style, the leader did not supervise very closely or directly which makes worker feel free and perform their tasks efficiently because of that the productivity increases.

  • interpersonal relations, taking a personal interest in the needs of employees. 
  • Treat subordinates politely.
  • encourage and motivate the employees.
  • Allow employees to participate in decision making.

2)Product Orientation 

production orientation focuses on the technical aspects of employment and workers are focused on completing the production work.

  • Tough and rigid working standards and strict rules to be followed by employees.
  • very close supervision of subordinates.
  • employees are considered as a tool to do the work anyhow and forced them to complete the work.


this two styles are responsible for improvement in productivity but if we talked about product orientation strategy which leads to increase in productivity but a reduction in job satisfaction.on the other hand, if we talked about the employee orientation here the productivity increases and absenteeism is decreased which is very helpful for an organization.

All about Michigan Leadership studies

  • Michigan leadership studies failed to justify the effect of leader behavior.
  • Michigan Leadership Studies failed to understand the complexity of the task hence its unable to say what characteristics job or task posses
  • These studies tell about employee-oriented and product-oriented but in real life according to situation people might get success in one technique and failed in another.
  • In real life, the leader might adopt one style or other at a different place when they feel which style best suits the situation its depend on them.
  • Managers should share ideas with subordinates and understand there point of view which can help to understand the perception of the employees.
  • the manager should be very descriptive when he was assigning a task to subordinates.


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